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Freeze drying candies and treats is quickly becoming a world wide phenomenon although the process has been around for centuries. Freeze drying is known for its results maintaining the highest quality of product while keeping both the structural integrity and preservation of flavors for that ultimate tasty treat. This method actually does preserve the flavor, color, aroma and general shape of the original fresh material leaning on the promise of quality of original product going into the machine. Perhaps most recent memory has freeze drying as we know it being used in the “instant” coffee revolution shortly after WWII – and how can one forget that experience? While this process is not military grade or science fiction, this almost magical transformation is actually a process that you have to taste to believe! Quite frequently used in the production of high quality foods and pharmaceuticals, shelf life of freeze dried products has been (estimated) rated for up to 20 years in optimal conditions (we at Freeze Nums have never put this claim to the test)! On a health note of interest, freeze dried food products retain up to 97% of their original nutritional value and most of their vitamins and antioxidants. WOW … that really makes you want to run out and grab a bag today! 

The process – with todays technology – is fairly straightforward. First, your favorite candies and treats are loaded into a very special multi-purpose machine that will deep freeze them. Once frozen, our special machine takes these delicious confections and in a single combined action, under a low vacuum pressure in the chamber, heat is gently applied and that which was once water in the form of ice, is removed from the treats in a process called sublimation. Once the water vaporizes (and with a little TLC) we are left with an amazingly crunchy, “forever”-fresh and super delicious snack,
bursting with more intense flavors and texture. It's truly like a science experiment that ends with a tasty treat! Enjoy!

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